Incomplete list of ordinary things that are intimate when you do them for/with someone you love

-unbuttoning or unzipping clothing

-putting on their necklace

-any hair touching at all

-giving them a bite of your food and you feed it to them off your own fork

-catching their eye from across the room

-picking fuzz off their clothing

-cooking together and standing over the same pan while you stir and they add things

-sitting in the same room working on different things together

-teaching them how to do something

-doing something for them because their hands are full

-grocery shopping together

-wiping the corner of their eyes with your finger

-doing something dumb/silly because it makes them smile

-”do you need anything from the store?”

-lending them your clothes

-watching them cook

-sleeping with your head resting somewhere on their body

-tying their shoe

-crying together but about different things

-laying a blanket over them if they fall asleep without one

-getting them a drink when you get your own (without being asked)

-offering them a sip from your straw

-fixing their collar

-sending a message to make sure they got to their destination safely

-smiling at their outfit when they finish getting dressed

-bringing them a kleenex when they sneeze

-asking for a hug without words

-making silly faces at each other from across the room

-letting them feel sadness sometimes

-watching cartoons

-locking the door behind them

-looking at them looking at you looking at them looking at you (etc)

-giving them your last bite of food

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