By the end of November I knew you were the one I was waiting for,

By early December I knew you were the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,

On Christmas day we told our parents we were getting serious,

On Christmas day we got engaged,


It seemed that with the cold of winter and the beginning of a new decade our minds became confused all of the sudden,

We allow fear into our lives and,

The last thing I knew was that I had lost you and I had lost myself in you.

By the end of February I realized how hurt we were before we even knew each other,

We were these wounded kids trying to have the perfect relationship, the perfect life, a life we never had growing up.

Now is the last week of July, I realized that I didn’t call you on your birthday,

But the sun is warmer where I am, the sea is a lot more blue and I feel I can touch the sky.

Getting used to be without you hasn’t been easy and sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could still share all of my mornings with you, I wish I could share my days and nights with you and show you what my brown eyes see in this city, a city that has everything I dreamed of but it doesn’t have you.

Foolish of me to think I could still mean something to you after we take different ways. I forgot that breakups don’t work that way, you don’t work that way. But the last flame of hope buried deep down in my soul wished that you have stayed, I wished you didn’t have that fear, I wish we could have been fearless.

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